“You are my number one priority in life.”

“You are the first and only person on my mind.”

“You will always be my number one.”

“No one can ever replace you as my number one.”

“You are the most important person to me.”

“To me, you are number one in every way.”

“You are my top priority and always will be.”

“You are the person I value the most.”

“You hold the highest place in my heart.”

“I will always prioritize and cherish you as my number one.”

“You are my number one support and love.”

“You are the most special person in my life.”

“Being with you makes me feel like I’m number one.”

“You are my number one source of happiness.”

“You are my number one inspiration.”

“You are the one who makes me feel like a winner.”

“You are my number one reason to smile.”

“You are my number one motivation and drive.”

“You are the highest priority in my life, always.”

“You will forever remain my number one love.”

“You are the first and last thought of my day.”

“You are my number one companion in life’s journey.”

“You are the person who matters the most to me.”

“I would choose you as number one every single time.”

“You are my number one, and my love for you will never change.”