“Time heals almost everything. Give time time.” – Regina Brett

“Time will reveal everything. It is a sprint, not a marathon.” – Kabira

“Time is the only true revealer of what lies beneath the surface.” – Unknown

“Patience is the key. Time will reveal all that needs to be revealed.” – Unknown

“Trust that time will uncover the truth you seek.” – Unknown

“The passing of time is a great clarifier of all things.” – Yann Martel

“Time has a way of unraveling secrets and exposing the truth.” – Unknown

“In due time, all things will become clear.” – Unknown

“Time is a gentle yet powerful force that reveals the hidden.” – Unknown

“The truth will reveal itself when the time is right.” – Unknown

“Time has a way of shedding light on the darkest corners of life.” – Unknown

“The more time passes, the clearer things become.” – Unknown

“Sometimes all you need is time for the truth to surface.” – Unknown

“Be patient, for time will show you what you need to see.” – Unknown

“Time is a great revealer; it unveils the layers of life.” – Unknown

“What is hidden will eventually be brought into the light by time.” – Unknown

“The passage of time reveals the hidden motives and intentions.” – Unknown

“Give it time, and the truth will make itself known.” – Unknown

“Time is the revealer of all things concealed.” – Unknown

“The truth has a way of surfacing in due time.” – Unknown

“Time is the ultimate truth-teller; it will reveal all.” – Unknown