“Intimacy is not purely physical. It’s the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul.” – Rashida Rowe

“Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird, with someone and finding that that’s okay with them.” – Alain de Botton

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there’s any reaction, both are transformed.” – Carl Jung

“Intimacy is not who you let touch you. It’s who you let affect you.” – Nayyirah Waheed

“A strong relationship is built on trust, understanding, and emotional connection, rather than just physical intimacy.”

“The greatest relationships are the ones where you can be completely open and honest with each other, even without physical intimacy.”

“Intimacy is about deeply understanding and accepting each other, even in the absence of physical connection.”

“True intimacy is not about having frequent physical encounters, but about having genuine emotional and intellectual connections.”

“Intimacy is being able to share your fears, dreams, and vulnerability with someone, even if there is no physical intimacy involved.”

“Physical intimacy may fade over time, but emotional intimacy can deepen and strengthen a relationship.”

“A relationship without physical intimacy can still be incredibly fulfilling if there is emotional and intellectual depth between the partners.”

“Intimacy is about feeling comfortable and safe with someone, regardless of whether or not there is physical intimacy.”

“The most important aspect of intimacy is being able to be your true self around someone, without judgment or pretense.”

“Intimacy is about feeling understood, heard, and valued by your partner, regardless of the level of physical connection.”

“True intimacy is about sharing your hopes, dreams, and fears with someone, even when physical intimacy is not present.”

“A relationship without physical intimacy can still be filled with love, support, and growth if there is emotional connection and communication.”

“Intimacy is not just about physical pleasure; it is about feeling emotionally connected and truly close to someone.”

“True intimacy is about sharing your deepest thoughts, desires, and fears with someone who truly understands and accepts you.”

“A relationship without physical intimacy can still be incredibly fulfilling if there is open communication, trust, and emotional connection.”

“Intimacy is about being able to connect with someone on a deep emotional level, even if physical intimacy is not a part of the relationship.”