“I’m going commando and taking no prisoners.”

“Who needs underwear when you’re a badass?”

“No need for armor, I’m going commando on this mission.”

“I don’t follow the rules, I go commando.”

“Free and fearless, that’s how I go commando.”

“No underwear, no limits. That’s the commando way.”

“I leave nothing to chance, that’s why I’m going commando.”

“When you’re going commando, you’re ready for anything.”

“No fear, just commando courage.”

“Going commando, because underwear is for the weak.”

“I don’t need anything holding me back, that’s why I go commando.”

“No restrictions, just pure commando power.”

“I don’t play by the rules, I go commando.”

“Underwear? That’s for amateurs. I go commando.”

“I’m not afraid to get dirty, that’s why I go commando.”

“Commando style, breaking boundaries and taking names.”

“No underwear, no inhibitions. That’s the commando mindset.”

“I’m going commando, because rules are made to be broken.”

“When in doubt, go commando.”

“No need for backup when you’re going commando.”

“Commando mode activated, time to kick some ass.”

“Underwear? No thanks. I’m going commando.”

“I’m leaving no trace, just commando footsteps.”

“I go commando to feel the freedom and power within.”

“Commando life, living on the edge with no second-guessing.”