“True friends are always there for you, even when it feels like everyone else has forgotten.” – Unknown

“Sometimes we lose friends not because of the distance, but because they choose to forget us.” – Unknown

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who walked in and never left your side.” – Unknown

“A true friend is someone who is there for you when they’d rather be somewhere else.” – Len Wein

“It’s sad when friends forget us, but even sadder when we forget ourselves.” – Unknown

“When friends forget, it hurts. But when you forget yourself, it’s a tragedy.” – Unknown

“Sometimes we need to forget the people who forget us and remember the ones who never left our side.” – Unknown

“True friends may forget you for a moment, but they will always remember you in their hearts.” – Unknown

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies, but from those who were once friends.” – Unknown

“Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how friends forget and leave you behind.” – Unknown

“It’s okay to let go of friends who forget you because it means making room for those who won’t.” – Unknown

“Friendship is not about being remembered, but about being there when it matters.” – Unknown

“Friends who forget you were never really friends to begin with.” – Unknown

“Sometimes friends forget us because they have their own battles to fight. It doesn’t mean they never cared.” – Unknown

“When friends forget, it’s a painful reminder that not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever.” – Unknown

“The greatest tragedy is not the words left unsaid, but the friends who forget to ask how you’re doing.” – Unknown

“Don’t worry about the friends who forget you, focus on the ones who never will.” – Unknown

“You can’t force someone to remember you, but you can choose to remember yourself and surround yourself with friends who do.” – Unknown

“Friends who forget us teach us valuable lessons in letting go and moving on.” – Unknown

“Not everyone you lose is a loss. Sometimes losing friends helps you find yourself.” – Unknown

“Friendship isn’t about being remembered, it’s about being unforgettable.” – Unknown

“The greatest proof of friendship is not when they remember your past, but when they look forward to your future.” – Unknown

“Sometimes we have to let go of friends who forget us in order to make space for those who remember and appreciate us.” – Unknown

“Friends who forget you might not understand your worth, but that doesn’t diminish it.” – Unknown

“True friends never forget; they may get busy, but they always make time for you.” – Unknown

“Don’t be sad about friends who forget you, be grateful for the lessons they taught you about resilience and self-worth.” – Unknown

“When friends forget you, it’s a reminder to focus on the ones who remember and cherish your friendship.” – Unknown

“You deserve friends who remember you, appreciate you, and never forget your worth.” – Unknown

“If you find yourself constantly forgotten by friends, it’s time to surround yourself with people who truly value you.” – Unknown